Aging-In-Place Homes Done Right

Our licensed general contractor builds homes with features for accessible handicapped living, the features that do not stand out until you need them. Our homes look like most homes but are designed for Aging In Place. It simply does not cost more to do it right!

Prescott Arizona, about an hour from Phoenix, with Four Mild Seasons in the Valley at the Foothills of The Bradshaws, is home to Accessible Home Design where the weather is a perfect and the people are friendly. Our demographic is higher aged than most areas. We have 3 hospitals including a very highly praised V.A. Hospital and 2 Yavapai Regional Medical Facilities.

The great outdoors awaits you.

With over 150,000 populations we have all the shopping that you need. Our original Territorial Capital, Prescott, enjoys lots of entertainment and shows around the courthouse plaza most weekends.

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Sensible Features

No Stairs anywhere. 36 Inch Doors Wide 5 foot radius accessibility.

Wheel-in Shower and roll under master vanity.

Covered patios front and back. Easy access from the garage with no steps and wide entry doors.

Even little things like switches in the master bedroom that turn the lights on as you enter the bedroom and turn them off from your bed.

Hard surface waterproof flooring, quartz countertops that resist stains and germs. A split floor plan that allows for a private master suite wing plus 2 separate bedrooms with their own full bath.

Building codes require a window big enough to act as emergency exit from a bedroom. Most or our designs include an master bedroom exit door directly to the safety of outside.

Grab bar full backing bath in the master bath suite. Our licensed occupational therapist offers professional guidance to any buyer that needs assistance in locating and installing grab bars and other personal safety items specific to you, the new owner.

If an Event Changed You Life Could You Live In Your Existing Home?

Entering one of our homes is like entering most other homes in the neighborhood. But our discrete design shows when a need arises.

With Accessible Home Design, you are able to perform daily tasks allowing you ease in taking care for all those necessary things in life even if your future changes.

Incorporating sensable aging-in-place features at the time a home is built adds almost nothing to the cost of construction. Adding the design elements we build right in during design and construction can be difficult and costly at a future date and is really disruptive.

We have homes currently under construction or choose a lot for us to design a home just for you and your needs and future.

Aging-In-Place Accessible Homes.

It just makes sense!

Since 1993

Features for Convenient and Easy  Aging-In-Place Living

A Home by Accessible Home Design is the right home for today. We design semi-custom homes for today with the future in mind. They are constructed by our licensed and experienced disability home builder.

Imagine a home that allows you to live independently while enjoying all your years of retirement? Give your family peace of mind when they know that you live in a home that has a safe environment.

A Home that's built through Accessible Home Design is a great investment in your retirement.

According to the US Census, 18% of the US population has some sort of disability-this number more than doubles with age.

Prescott Arizona continually ranks as one of the top town for people to retire. Our aging and changing demographic means that a well designed accessible home can benefit the future generations as well.

Our open design makes navigating in your home a breeze - no more bumping into baseboards. The wide doorways, special bathrooms, and open floor plan make life easy.


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